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About the Glasgow Improv Theatre (The GIT)

Our goal is to help nurture the budding improv scene in Glasgow by providing structured training and performance opportunities.

We focus on American-style long form improv comedy, with a strong emphasis on game-of-the-scene and grounded reality.

The theatre is a continuation of Improv Glasgow, which started in 2016 running the monthly show Glasgow Harold Night as well as drop-in workshops and jams.

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We have structured improv classes for all levels.

Email us if you have any questions, or to book classes: [email protected]

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Improv 101

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If you are new to improv or need a refresher. Suitable for beginners!

Scene fundamentals, agreement, listening, and playing grounded characters

Graduation show

Improv 201

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Pre-requisites: GIT 101 (or equivalent)

Game of the scene, heightening & exploration, 2nd beats

Graduation show

Improv 301

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Pre-requisites: GIT 201 (or equivalent)

The Harold, openings, group games

Graduation show

Improv 401

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Pre-requisites: GIT 301 (or equivalent)

Advanced techniques, different forms/openings

Graduation show

Drop-in workshops

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A no commitment taster session

A chance for futher practice

Coming soon...

Guest teacher workshops

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Visiting teachers from UCB Los Angeles, New York and elsewhere!

Previous teachers:

Jake Jabbour (UCB Los Angeles)

Josh Simpson (UCB Los Angeles)

Alan Starzinski (UCB Los Angeles)

Sean Casey (UCB New York)

Johnna Scrabis (UCB New York)

Jonathan Pitts (Chicago Improv Festival)

Corporate workshops & events

Email to book

Book an improv workshop or show for team building, special events, or parties!

Client Testimonial:

"Every year I try and offer my hard working team something different and funny as the main entertainment at our Christmas office party, so I searched the internet for a local Glasgow improv team that could deliver a fantastic one hour show for us. You have no idea how delighted I was after I picked the hilarious Glasgow Improv Theatre; they were all equally engaging, hilarious, quick-witted and hugely entertaining – my team loved them so much I had to invite them back again for this year’s Christmas Office Party.

If you want to book an amazingly funny, side-splitting and tears rolling down your cheeks entertainment show at your next Corporate Event, then look no further than The Glasgow Improv Theatre – great work guys, please, please keep it going”

Craig T Gibson
Managing Director
AGL Wealth Management Ltd


We offer two scholarship places per course. These are spots free of charge for those who are otherwise not able to afford classes.

Scholarships are available on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no application process and you won’t be asked questions about your circumstances or background when requesting one of the scholarship places. Our hope with the scholarship is that we can encourage diversity and remove barriers of entry to learning improv.

To ask for a scholarship place on a course, simply send an email to [email protected] and let us know which course you’re interested in.


GIT House Teams

Students who have progressed through Glasgow Improv Theatre courses will have the opportunity to audition for a GIT House Team.

Auditions will be open to all students who have completed up to GIT 301 (or the equivalent level at a recognised theatre).

There will be slots for teams to perform at Glasgow Harold Night, with an opportunity to be on a house team. We will also offer coaching and guidance for our teams.


Couch are a long-form improv team from Glasgow. They are the current house team for Glasgow Harold Night, Improv F*cktown, and Improv Cage Match.

Their members have trained at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, and have performed at festivals such as DCM in New York and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

They are going to do a Harold and need a suggestion to get started.

Yer Da

The test to determine who Yer Da is came back inconclusive, but we've narrowed it down to these 7 improvisers. Chris, Christine, John, Karen, Laura, Paul and Sharpie who will perform for your acceptance.

Team members have been spotted doing guests appearances on Will Hines' How Was Your Week and legendary podcast Improv4Humans.


Glasgow Improv Theatre shows.

Couch Surf

A monthly night of improv comedy from Couch and special guests who are crashing for the night.

1st Tue of the month (Check Facebook for event listings)

Doors 8pm
Show 8.30pm
Old Hairdressers (Renfield Lane, Glasgow)

Yer Da Wants A Word

A monthly show featuring a performance from friendly neighbourhood improv team Yer Da and a very special guest team - YOU!

Stick your name in the bucket for your chance to join in the second half jam.

3rd Tue of the month (Check Facebook for event listings)

Doors 8pm
Show 8.30pm
Old Hairdressers (Renfield Lane, Glasgow)

Glasgow Harold Night

Two teams perform The Harold, a classic longform improv structure.

Glasgow Harold Night is an improv comedy show that has been running since 2016.

Couch Spotify-improv Livestream

Our lockdown show!

Couch (plus special guests) perform their Spotify-improv format. Improvised scenes based off of your song suggestions.

Add you song suggestions to our Spotify Playlist!

Livestreaming on Facebook Live and/or Twitch!!

Improv Fucktown

A night of experimentation, where various groups of rag tag misfits try out something new.


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